Glorp Corp

Cover the planet with slime and turn it into a playground for Glomp's friends in the Glorp Corp game! Move around to spread the snot and avoid Nixels!

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About Glorp Corp Game

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Glomp is ready to cover the Nixel area with slime in the Glorp Corp game! The green and adventurous Mixel tribe love having fun in snot, as they can slide around and do all kinds of tricks. However, the Nixels are trying to occupy their playgrounds. So Glomp will make it his goal to restore his favorite area to its slimy state! Can you give him a hand?

Your job is to try and cover as much area as possible with slime while avoiding the nasty Nixels! This game is about movement, so you'll need to master it to not get caught by the enemies. You'll get to slime the place and turn it into the perfect spot for the Glorp Corp tribe!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to spread the green snot around the area. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around the map.

 - Z: Jump over obstacles.

At the beginning of each level, you'll be asked to cover a certain amount of the territory with slime. You can go about it in any way, whether doing it strategically or throwing the snot everywhere randomly! However, you should pay attention to the two meters at the top of your screen. One shows you how much snot you have left, while the other measures how much area you've covered with it!

The Nixels will follow you and try to harm you, so avoid them at all costs! With every level, they will multiply and try to attack you from every angle. However, you can dodge them by using your speed and momentum! 

During later levels, the Nixels will also appear on top of the logs. That means you'll need to be very careful when jumping! If you get caught by them, your Snot Supply meter will go down. When it's empty, it'll be game over!

Are you ready to turn the rocky areas into snotty playgrounds for Glomp and his friends? Slime it up!