Fang Gang

Help Jawg protect the farm from the Nixel waves in the Fang Gang game! Can you shoot and eliminate all the tiny creatures with your dirt gun?

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About Fang Gang Game

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Jawg must keep the Nixels away from his crops in the Fang Gang game! The brown robots are known to grow all kinds of vegetables on their farms to satisfy their hunger. But how can they eat if the evil Nixels destroy their precious produce? Jawg is ready to ward them off with his sharp teeth and dirt gun! Will you give him a hand?

Your job in this game is to shoot and destroy the waves of Nixels before they reach and harm Jawg! The army of dark creatures is numerous and vicious, so you must have quick instincts to defeat them! Time to show them what you're made of!

How to Play

To fight the waves of Nixels, use your keyboard and mouse. The arrow keys allow you to move all over the green field to avoid getting overwhelmed by the tiny creatures. However, if you want to get rid of the Nixels, you'll have to shoot them. For that, use your cursor to aim and let the beam of your dirt gun do the rest!

As you eliminate each wave of pesky Nixels, your gun will get upgrades. An extra beam will be added with every round, meaning you'll be able to shoot the enemies more effectively. You'll have to pay attention to all directions, or they might sneak behind you before you know it!

Jawg's shield is another aspect you must keep in mind. Every time he gets touched by a Nixel, the shield bar at the top of your screen gets depleted! You must keep away from larger groups of Nixels, or they will drain your protection quickly! If the shields run out, it will be game over!

Are you ready to keep the Fang Gang's farms safe and become their hero? All the Nixels will be scared of you!