Mixels Games

Only the Mixels Games let you combine three of your favorite characters to get a new creature! Get ready to meet and play with all the colorful tribes!

Unleash your fantasy and creativity!

If you like to mix and match, you have to try the Mixels Games! Can you imagine a place where you can mix and match the characters of your favorite series? In the world of Mixels, all this is possible! You can satisfy your need to think out of the box by combining two or three of your favorite heroes. As you can imagine, this can either be a flop or enhance their powers!

The Mixels are the brain-child of John Fang and David P. Smith, who wanted to use their experience as animators for Ben 10 and Dexter to create something new. The two mixed comedy and action in three-minute short episodes featuring robotic monsters. These creatures live in fantasy realms., inspired by the elements of nature. If you look closely, you can distinguish them by color and name!

What made this 2014 series so successful, despite only running for two seasons, was a clever idea. Thanks to the collaboration between Cartoon Network and Lego, kids can have hours of fun with the Mixels. The smart design allows you to create new and powerful heroes by combining the ones you have. Therefore, no wonder fans of all ages love to test their creativity and have fun with the Mixels!  

To explore all the fantastical realms populated by Mixels, you need to learn the basic rules of any mix. To begin with, you'll need to find cubits! Because they're a rare resource, getting them will be an adventure! Once you have one, you can choose two Mixels and combine them to create a Mix.

Alternatively, you can join three Mixels to create a Max whose power is even greater. However, there's always a chance of a wrong combination, called a Murp. Oops!

Mix and match your favorite heroes!

As you might know by now, there are many tribes of Mixels. They're all so different! From their appearance to the place they live and how they act, each tribe is unique! Obviously, you'll need to know the basics about each of them if you want to join them in their adventures.

Let's start with the Infernites! They're full of energy and unpredictable, just like fire. The element they're inspired by also influences their appearance, as their color theme is red and orange. Meet their leader, the outgoing and brave Flain, for a custom tour of the Magma Wastelands!

The Cragsters are miners who enjoy nothing more than digging! They live in tunnels and caverns, so recognizing them couldn't be easier. Just look for the grey and black creatures who resemble rocks!

You'll be buzzed when you meet the Electroids! They love to tinker and experiment in the mountains. They love it there because they're closer to lightning storms!

The light blue Frosticons live inside dead volcanoes at sub-zero temperatures. Given their chilled attitudes and icy powers, it's hard to wake them up from their ice power naps! 

If you keep exploring the realm of the Mixels, you'll come across even more tribes. Like the Fang Gang, the Flexers, Glorp Corporation, Spikers, or Wiztastics. Each group boasts different powers and personalities they'd love to show off!

On the other hand, you should watch out for Nixels. Since those are the natural enemies of Mixels, their goal is to tear apart the world around them. What is more, they want to stop the Mixels from creating combinations. Can you overturn the plans of King Nixel and Major Nixel? 

Learn and have fun with Mixels Games!

Each time you choose a tribe and go on a fantasy adventure with the Mixels, you'll return with a new skill. With diversity comes the ability to learn something new every day. Therefore, decide what skill you'd like to improve and pick your next adventure!

If you'd like to get better grades in school, hang out with one of the witty tribes. More precisely, you can visit Teslo, the leader of the Electroids, or hang out with the daring and ingenious Infernites. With puzzle challenges like the Infernites game, you can sharpen your wits while uncovering the Mixels' secrets!

For any young heroes with a taste for adrenaline and adventure, the Mixels will keep you on your toes! You can join them for breathtaking adventures on their home planets to prove your agility and bravery. If you think you're up for the task, explore alongside Magnifo, Mesmo, and Wizwuz in the Wiztastics game!

Sometimes, all you want to do is have some fun by taking out pesky enemies! If you want to relax and release some steam by having a silly shootout, join the hungriest tribe of Mixels. Help them defend their vegetables from Nixels in the Fang Gang game!

If you're looking for an action-packed and funny adventure, Mixels Games are a perfect choice. Besides, these short and intense challenges allow you to unleash your creativity and improve your skills. Therefore, you should start exploring to find cubits, meet new tribes and come up with the wackiest combinations!

There are currently 12 free online Mixels games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones.