Uncle Grandpa Games

He`s colorful, he`s magic, and he might fart a lot, but will make you laugh at all times! Play Uncle Grandpa Games, and get to know him and his friends while experiencing all those crazy adventures!

Uncle Grandpa's Story

Uncle Grandpa is one of the most magical, colorful and crazy TV shows that was aired lately. Even though short, they caught the attention of the public with their hilarious jokes and gags that were appreciated by audiences of all ages. Inspired by the old cartoons, this show somehow is nothing like them due to the originality that exceeds any expectations. The characters, for instance, are nothing you would expect. If until now all the characters were most of the time human and sometimes animals, not one of the main one is a tasty slice of pizza! In their adventures, they travel all around, searching for children and even adults and animals that need some help to sort out some problems.

In his universe, nothing of what you expect to be impossible is like that. Using his powers, Uncle Grandpa is able to duplicate or to bend and stretch his arms like rubber as if he didn't have any bones in them! The laws of physics are no longer a problem here, and everybody can bend them with a little help from our hero in suspenders. Ready to help anybody on the surface of Earth and not only, at any time of the day the RV crew is more than friendly! They like to joke at all times, from fart jokes which are the most usual to funny visual things! There is no chance that you can get bored either while watching the TV show or while playing the Uncle Grandpa Games!

Meet Uncle Grandpa's friends

Whether you need some help to do something or just some quality company on the road, having somebody close always comes in handy. That is why in the RV beside our favorite magical guy there are some friends that you need to meet first.

Pizza Steve, as you might have already guessed from the name, is a walking and talking slice of pizza that lives in one of the many rooms from the car. More precisely, he looks just like a pepperoni pizza but with some cool sunglasses. From the outside, Steve seems to be very confident in himself and brags about lots of things that he has done and seen. But at a closer look, he is not really that way. He does not have in fact such a good opinion of himself, and he sees many issues. This is why sometimes he cries when he is alone and makes poor decisions when he actually needs to help his friends. But that is okay because after all, friends are still friends and everybody helps each other no matter how hard it is.

Even though he boasts a lot, there is somebody that doesn't really believes Pizza Steve, and that is Mr. Gus. Mr. Michael Marshal Breakfast Gusford, Gus for short, is a green dinosaur man wearing a white tank top. Very nonchalant and serious, he never shows his emotions, not even when he is scared or surprised. Although he is so expressionless, he cares a lot for his friends and is the one that always thinks before he acts. Being so down to Earth and calm, he might seem that he doesn't fit between those energetic faces, but actually, he is precisely what the whole team needs. 

Unfortunately, it is very often that his advice is not listened to by anybody, thus leading the whole crew straight into trouble. But that is why Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is there for. As her name says, she can fly by farting rainbows and take everybody out of danger as is the case in Uncle Grandpa's Reckless Roadtrip Game. Though more like a pet, she has her own pink room full of posters and loves to dress up and take baths.

Meet Uncle Grandpa himself

A little bit old, short and fat, always wearing overalls, this is what our hero looks like. Always ready to lend a hand to anybody in distress, he is very cheery and has lots of magical powers and fancy objects that he uses in his missions like in Belly Bag Bonanza Game or in Peanut Butter Flutter Game, where he flies high up in the sky without any device to help. Even though he acts dumb, he is actually quite smart and always gets things done correctly.

He is the owner of the RV in which he and the others live. The car is, in fact, more special than it appears to be. It has around 21 rooms inside, including a jungle room and an igloo room, and often he uses it as a race car just like in Uncle Grandpa vs. Aunt Grandma Game.

Find out more about your favorite hero and his friends while playing Uncle Grandpa Games!

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