Sneakin' Santa

Play Sneakin' Santa Game and help Uncle Grandpa save the holidays by delivering all the presents in time. Breakdance your way up to the Christmas trees!

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What happens when Santa can no longer deliver presents to all the children on the Earth? Do the kids end up having no Christmas? Is Christmas canceled? No! In Sneakin' Santa game, Uncle Grandpa comes to help anyone who is in need, even if  Santa Claus himself find himself in trouble.

What happened here, you ask? Well, even if his job occurs just once a year, he somehow was clumsy enough to break his leg right before the big show. As a result, because he is unable to walk, he cannot, of course, slide down any chimney, or even lead the magic sleigh. Poor him! But luckily, somebody is here to help. Are you willing to take part in the adventure and help Uncle Grandpa make sure that every child receives a present on this special night? Then come on!

There will also be plenty of milk and biscuits for you to eat as much as you please and besides that, who does not love to help children and to make people happy? 

Help Uncle Grandpa accomplish his Santa mission

Because Santa Grandpa needs to leave the presents under the Christmas Tree, there will be many objects in the way that one must avoid, or else surely the whole family will wake up, ruining the entire holiday. To avoid all the furniture, break dance all the way to the three on the beat of the music. Sounds weird, but it is the only way Uncle Grandpa can get past all those things laying around. And he kind of loves to dance too, but who can blame him?

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard accordingly to those that appear on the screen. This way, he will execute the proper moves that will guarantee to avoid the objects and fulfill his mission.

If the rush of the holidays affects you, and you make one or two mistakes, nothing terrible will happen. But beware and be careful not to cross the line and make too much noise while you stumble across the room to get to the tree! That will undoubtedly cause too much noise! I do not even want to think about it.

Because there are so many good children there though, and all of them have to get their present tonight, make sure you make your dance quick. Try to also fit within the time limit so that you can deliver all the presents on time.

Useful Tips

If you do your job right, Uncle Granpa will feel the need to make a little happy break dance. Press the arrows to the beat and gain bonus points at the end for doing that.

As you dance, the arrow signs will start coming increasingly faster. Good luck in getting all the moves right! Fail, though, and the dance will stop. Score combos and dance fast!

Here is a tip, always keep one eye on the Noise Meter. This way, there is no chance you will wake up anybody from their beauty sleep.

Fill up the present bar at the end and win the game! Only then you can be sure that everything went well and Uncle Grandpa has saved everyone's Christmas.

Good luck, and have fun!