Reckless Road Trip

Get back the lost friends in Uncle Grandpa's Reckless Road Trip game! Ride the tiger across the inter-dimensional, and fight the nasty creatures!

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About Reckless Road Trip Game

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Uncle Grandpa has just returned from another trip in some unheard lands, but the return journey did not go as well as he expected it. All his friends got sucked out of the RV into the inter-dimensional world while he was driving, and now they have gone missing in Uncle Grandpa's Reckless Road Trip game!

Our hero must accomplish his mission and retrieve everybody safely from wherever they are now! So he jumped on his friend, the Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, and they went away on their rescue mission. Give him a hand and guide him through all the dangers that are waiting on the way and bring everyone home safe and sound.

How to Play

First of all, the tiger might not be your usual mean of transportation but is undoubtedly very reliable. Fly around by moving your mouse in the direction you want to go. Because there will be many obstacles that might cause you harm, be a step ahead and harm them first by clicking wherever you want. Doing that will release blue bullets that will take care of everything that blocks the way.

It is worth mentioning that when fired at a wall or a flat surface, the bullets will bounce and go in different directions. Make use of that information and surprise the nasty creatures out there with a shot when they expect less.

Sometimes you might need to destroy some stone cubes that do not leave any space in between to continue the journey. Do not sweat over them; with only a couple of bullets, they will be no more. Other blocks are quite a bit more stubborn, and they cannot vanish as quickly as the others so you might need to push them. Just drag the tiger in such a way as would be pushing the block, and it will move out of the way.

Fly your way through the levels

The first level will be quite easy; it is rather a warm-up for what is to come further on. After finishing each stage, you will go back to the map to choose where to go next.

Unlike any other game, this one lets you choose between levels. When you put the cursor over one, a small description of what you will achieve at the end of it will appear, thus allowing you to be smart and make a choice according to your needs.

Some levels will grant you special power-ups that will make it easier for you to finish up the game. Think before jumping straight into the action and use that liberty to your advantage. Uncle Grandpa is as always full of surprises, and that is why some of the levels have magic chests at the end.

Do not forget to collect the snacks that float around in the mazes, and destroy as many enemies as you can because they will grant you more bonuses and power-ups as well.

Useful Tips and Tricks

As you get further, new weapons will appear, and you will end up having lasers shooting from the tiger's mouth, and even spit three bullets at once. Mix them as you like to obtain higher firepower and thus to create more significant damages. Those come in handy because as you advance, the creatures become weirder and weirder no matter if you are underwater, in the jungle or high up in the sky. Some of them are very vicious and have great teeth or are even able to shoot at you with projectiles. Try your best to avoid them and keep your health bar full.

Run away from the fish that swim towards you because they are not as friendly as they seem to be, even though they are pink and round. What might appear as cuddly, would actually bite your hand off if given the opportunity; not pleasant at all.

Make sure you get past the checkpoints, this way if things get complicated in the future, you will be able to start again from the last checkpoint and avoid them.

When you finally get to the boss, do not mind how big he is because you know what they say, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. That proves right in real life as well as in Uncle Grandpa's universe. Take my advice when it comes to fighting off big dogs like those and always look for their weak points. When you find them, hit them with whatever you have got. This way, it will get less messy, and it will last far less, in other words, you will not risk losing too much of your life on it.

Good luck in getting all your friend back and meanwhile have some fun riding a tiger! You do not get to do that every day, do you?