Belly Bag Bonanza

Gather Uncle Grandpa's friends in Belly Bag Bonanza game! Place the objects where you want so that you can get through the obstacles in the way!

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If you are a fan of Uncle Grandpa and you admire what he does for people daily, then you are undoubtedly familiar with his RV. If you aren't though, now is your chance to discover it in Belly Bag Bonanza game. It might look almost normal on the outside, but as always, what is inside really matters. There are around twenty-one rooms, including a disco room, a jungle room, and even a campfire room. Just imagine how cool it would be if everybody had something like that in their own homes.

The downside of that is that you can easily get lost and if you need to talk to somebody you might need to start a real expedition to find them. Well, something similar to this is happening right now. Some kids are in desperate need of help, and the only ones willing to do that are our heroes. But each one is located in entirely different parts of the RV.

How to Play

Your mission is to collect everybody from where they are. Because this place looks more like a maze than a typical home, you will need a bit of a strategy to decide what is the best way to get to your friend and pick him up. There are many obstacles on the road, so here comes the loyal Belly Bag.

As always, he is carrying tremendous amounts of things inside, and he is willing to give you anything that you need. Nowhere you will find a better friend than him.

Each object will give you has a particular property. Use that to your advantage to pass past things that you would not usually be able to get through. But before doing anything, I advise you to check the whole room first, try to imagine where Uncle Grandpa is going to go and see if you can do anything to avoid getting him stuck somewhere. In your head, place every object where you think it might be necessary, and see if it works out well. Once you have done all that, press the Go button and see if you were right.

Each of the items is special in its way, and there is a wide variety from where you can choose. You will start by using a few, then gradually more and more will appear. Learn about what each does and only after that use them.

Useful Tips

You will start with the Bubblegum. Once you pass over it, Uncle Grandpa will chew it and blow out a big balloon that will raise him to high ledges without any effort.

Next comes the Rubber Ring. Place this one anywhere on the water, and it will take him across, without getting wet at all. Whenever you come across a small gap, and you would prefer it wasn't there, pick up the Rainbow and use it as a bridge.

Take full advantage of them and use your brains to create the perfect path. If you feel like you have put something in the wrong place, there is a chance you might still get it right. Press Stop and do not let Uncle Grandpa get any further until you have managed to relocate the object. 

Now go ahead and make sure you save the day!