Instamatic Monsters 2

Help Scooby and Shaggy solve mysteries in the Instamatic Monsters 2 Game! Find the right clues and gather enough information before it’s too late!

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About Instamatic Monsters 2 Game

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Things are getting spooky in the Instamatic Monsters 2 Game! Scooby needs your assistance to beat the vilest criminal minds in town. Your job is to search the haunted places for signs and clues that can point out to a possible suspect. 

Photograph the evidence and try to identify the culprit. Argument your theory, convince the local police, and you might just have the chance to catch the villain. No time to waste now! The enemy is moving closer as we speak, and the number of victims is rising! Let's go!

Gather enough information!

We start off by exploring a gloomy, dark swamp for hints to solve the mystery. Use the arrows to navigate through the land. For any object that stands out from the crowd, use the mouse to place the camera over it. Make sure you've focused on the item and hold your hand steady before hitting the click button. We don't want any blurred-out images, don't we?

Should Shaggy and Scooby encounter any monster, we must catch a glimpse of it before it vanishes! Use the arrows to go in the indicated area and try to photograph its face. You will also get bonuses during the gameplay, like extra time or a speed boost. Hurry up! You need to find enough evidence before the clock runs out!

Analyze the data and catch the culprit!

Great, now we have enough items to make a clearer idea of what our villain should look like. You will be presented a list with possible suspects, including all their personal information. Let's go through all of them, shall we? 

Judge them by their character, appearance, and profession and try to decide which is most likely to be the villain. To get the right person, you must make sure that he or she wears all the items you've photographed. Otherwise, you'll need to start all over again! 

Once you are 100% sure about your decision, click on the suspect to catch it. If you get it right, you'll move on to the next mission, which takes place underneath the icy clouds of the Alpen sky. You guessed it! This time we'll be following Yeti's footsteps. 

Progress through the gameplay and discover new and exciting places while searching for clues to figure out the puzzle!