Birthday Boo Bash

Help Scooby find his anniversary cake in the Birthday Boo Bash game! Search the Castel for clues, pick up Scooby Snacks, and watch out for ghosts and bats!

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Search the Haunted Castle for clues with Scooby-Doo in the Birthday Boo Bash game! The Mistery Inc gang was celebrating Scooby's birthday when, suddenly, the lights went out. A couple of seconds of sheer darkness and panic followed. Yet sure enough, the lights came back, but one thing was missing from the picture: Scooby's cake!

You might be the only one able to save Scooby's birthday! Your job is to help him search the area for clues that might point out to the villain who would do such a crime! Perhaps you dare even to enter the Haunted Castle on the hill in your quest to find the truth … What do you say?

How to Play

Let's begin our search for the missing cake, shall we? Ruh-uh! It's really dark and chilly, here, inside the Castel! You should use the Arrow keys to move Scooby around. Your main quest is to search each and every room for clues and some Scooby Snacks on the way. Some doors may be locked, so you will need to firstly search for the keys inside other chambers.

Should you encounter an old ditch and have no way of crossing it, you can use the wooden boxes lying around to build a temporary bridge. Simply use the Arrow keys to push the boxes in any direction that you want. For wider drains, you can slide one box on top of the other and bound them together for a longer bridge.

You should also try to collect as many Scooby Snacks boxes as possible. Not only they add up to your score, but they are also handy when it comes to Health. Should you get injured from an unfortunate encounter with a ghost, or lose a whole life by falling into a pit, you can refill them by crunching on a Scooby Snack.

Based on how many Scooby Snacks you've gathered and how many lives you've lost during the gameplay, you can finish the level with a 3 stars reward, maximum, or less.

Watch out for the villains!

While going deeper and deeper into the castle, you will need to keep an eye out for ghosts, Dark Knights, and flying bats. Bats and normal ghosts will mind their business and won't attack unless provoked. You'll just need to make sure not to cross paths with them.

The Green Phantoms, however, will jump at you the minute you enter the room. Your only way of ditching these spirits is to lure them into the holes and pits in the ground. Simply approach them carefully, and once they've spotted you, run as fast as possible to the nearest pit. Be careful, though, not to fall into it yourself.

The Dark Knights won't be as easy to put down, though. They aren't affected by pits or boxes you put in their way. The moment you move, they'll start moving too in your direction. Your only chance is to outrun them and clear the room out of goodies before they catch you.

Now that you know how to play go ahead and test your skills in this adrenaline-filled hunt!