Jinkies Jelly Factory

Scooby, Velma, and Shaggy are playing Tetris in the Jinkies Jelly Factory game! Help them match the jelly blocks to keep the chamber empty and get points!

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About Jinkies Jelly Factory Game

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Scooby and his friends took up new jobs in the Jinkies Jelly Factory game! They are responsible for the jelly blocks that fall into the main chamber! However, they seem to be overwhelmed, so you must help them!

Your job is to match four pieces of jelly that have the same color! This game's primary objective, which is quite similar to the regular Tetris, is to get the chamber empty. So make sure to put the matching cubes near each other so they can disappear! 

How to Play

You need to move the blocks of jelly, so they land on the right spot! For this, you can use the Right and Left arrows! Once you establish their position, press the Down arrow to drop them! If you want them to fall faster, press the Spacebar! More than this, rotate them by pressing the Up arrow if you need to! 

Furthermore, you need to be careful of the time limit that appears on the left of the screen! Don't let the meter empty, or else, the game will stop! Also, don't let the jelly blocks get to the top of the chamber! You only have three lives, so pay attention, and complete all the levels!

Tips and Tricks

From time to time, peculiar jelly squares will appear! They have different characteristics, and can help you finish the level quicker! For example, the blocks with arrows on them will eliminate all the jelly horizontally and vertically! Also, there is a bonus piece that will fit any color! Even better, the brown block will double your points when used! 

Some pieces cause trouble and can get in your way! You need to be mindful of the black cube! It blurs your vision with ink spots that appear on the screen! Also, there is a block that will reverse your commands, making the pieces go oppositely! They are unavoidable, so you need to focus and get over the challenges! 

Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma are depending on you to keep the chamber empty! Help your friends and gain points to pass levels!