World of Mystery

Travel around the world and solve mysteries with Scooby-Doo in the World of Mystery game! Play mini-games and get an insight into the gang's daily life!

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It's time for an adrenaline-filled trip across the globe with Scooby-Doo in the World of Mystery game. While unpacking and unloading the Mistery van for their holiday in the Islands, Daphne spotted the notorious Ghost of Elias Kingston lurking around. Before they could do anything to stop him, he rushed to the closest airport and took off on a plane. Good thing that the Mystery Machine has a flight mode!

Even on holiday, there are plenty of mysteries to solve! Your job is to travel across the world and help Scooby chase the villain and gather clues and proof for his conviction. But the world is so vast and diverse! You should also remember to have fun and explore the different cultures and entertaining activities that each country has to offer. Ready? Let's go!

Discover traditional cuisine and culture!

To begin with, let's click on the first country on the map. Now, you will see that each country has a specific theme, but the basics are still the same. In any state, you can choose between different activities to fill up your free time by simply clicking on them.

You can take photos with the gang on famous sites, take surveys online about your favorite characters, or win prizes at the local fair.

You can even get an insight into the gang's daily life. Ever wondered what they're doing when they're not on the run and chasing monsters? Now it's time to share with them all the funny, awkward, or sweet moments that build up a strong friendship.

On every level, you will have a mini-game in which you will need to feed Scooby and Shaggy traditional dishes, using the mouse.  To do that, simply swipe up if there's a yummy food on the plate, or down to 
throw away stinky or rotten items.

Catch the villain!

But, no! While the gang was busy taking photos, our villain managed to run again and escaped by embarking onto another aircraft. Once you've finished a level, you'll need to immediately rush to the next country.

We must hurry; otherwise, we'll lose Elias! To help Scooby and the gang chase after him, simply click on the mouse to jump when there's an obstacle in the way. Getting hit by a rock or a park bench won't mean it's over, but it will inevitably slow you down.

You'll also get a sticker, as a souvenir, for each country you've visited. The world of mysteries continues in a new country! Travel with Scooby across the globe and gather all the stickers!