Love Quest

Help Scooby deliver Velma and Daphne's love in the Love Quest game. Catch the hearts that they are throwing and bounce them off Scooby's head up to Fred!

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Scooby has some serious business to attend in the Love Quest game. Daphne and Velma want to send their hearts to Fred, but they have no means of properly doing it! Hearts are such fragile things; the moment they touch the ground, they'll break! But luckily enough, Scooby is here, dutiful as always, to aid them.

Your help is needed now, more than ever before! You will have to bounce the hearts off Scooby's head until they reach Fred. Keep them safe and sound, far away from harm's reach, by making sure none of them falls to the ground. What do you say? Will you be the one to fulfill this quest? Let's find out!

How to Play

While locked away in their tower, Velma and Daphne are dropping their love hearts from high above. You can use the Mouse to control Scooby and make sure to catch them. Once they hit his head, they will bounce back, and your job will be to keep them jumping until you've reached Fred at the other side of the screen.

You should also keep an eye on the lower levels of the castle, for there are lingering ghosts and spirits that will try to stop you! Watch out for the paint cans and anvils that they throw outside the windows, for they can cause you serious harm.

You can see your remaining lives, as well as the score and number of hearts yet to deliver, at the top of the screen.

To finish carrying the hearts quicker to their destination, try to hit them with the outside of Scooby's head or wings. The laws of physics dictate that they will bounce further in length, closer to Fred, rather than in height.

Here are some useful tips for you!

Speed is something you'd want in this game because the hearts will keep on flowing. The game starts with a pack of three hearts, but if you don't hurry, you won't even get to meet Fred before Daphne starts throwing another set from the window.

Once you deliver the requested number, you'll level up, and more and more hearts will be added to each shipment, so you'd better get the hang of it from the beginning!

That is mostly all of it! Good luck to you and don't forget to have fun!