Scooby-Doo is a prisoner on a pirate ship in the Over-Board game! Guide him back to safety, move fast, and avoid the pirates and the other dangers ahead!

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Scooby-Doo got captured by the nasty pirates in the Over-Board game! You must help him find his way off the ship, and get him back together with Shaggy. These two can never be separated. They are best friends! Like two peas in a pod!

You have to take your favorite dog out of danger and back to safety. But the way is filled with dangerous pirates, so take extra care not to hit the incoming threats.

The aim of this game is to get on the other side of the ship, where Shaggy is looking for you. To do that, you must cross the dangerous area in between, which is packed with angry pirates and haunted obstacles. Fortunately for you, you get three chances to pass without interfering with the bad guys.

How to Play

To get there, you must use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around. At the same time, you can also swipe on your screen to guide Scooby-Doo in the direction you want him to go. You should be careful, though. One wrong step, and you'll get yourself in trouble.

If things weren't already complicated enough for you, there is also another challenge! The last thing you need to pass before reuniting with Shaggy is some rapid waters. Fortunately, there are rafts and other floating objects to support you. But beware! On some of them, nasty crabs are waiting to pinch you!

You should strive to escape as quickly as you can. The shorter it takes you to get off the boat, and back onto land, the more bonus point you'll get! Good luck, mate!