Haunted House

Help Scooby-Doo de-ghost the town in the Haunted House game. Search for the right clues and capture the four villains while adventuring into their mansions!

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About Haunted House Game

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A new mystery has arisen in the Haunted House game! All over the town, the villagers have reported strange and unusual events that are very similar to what the Mistery Inc would call ‘paranormal activity. From strange, spectral-like appearances at windows to tables and furniture moving by themselves, the whole thing got the people scared to death.

Will you be the one to resolve this spooky mystery? Your job is to help Scooby Doo search all the haunted mansions in town for clues and find out how's been disturbing the villagers' peaceful life. Mind that ghost hunting in creepy basements, and terrifying, cemetery-like courtyards is not a thing for the faint of heart! So, do you think you've got what it takes?

After going through the police reports, we find out that there are four locations in which the spectral figures are rumored to have appeared. You choose where to start with the de-ghosting procedure. Will it be the house where you can still hear the chains of the Green Ghosts dragging across the cold concrete floor? Or the castle where the Black Knight can be seen from time to time, scaring people off from his tower?

How to Play

Now, before we start our adventure, you must first learn the basics. To move around the mansion, use the Left and Right Arrow keys and guide Scooby through the maze. There will be many obstacles in your way, including spooky ghosts, monstrous spiders, or dangerously moving tiles. To overcome them or to jump onto a moving plate, use the Up Arrow key at the right moment.

Your primary quest is to find as many clues as possible before encountering the villain so that you can expose him. To do that, search for the Magnifying Mirrors and collect them as you go. You can see your total number of clues, as well as your remaining lives, at the top of the page. Speaking of lives, should you run out of them, you can always refill your hearts by picking up Scooby Snacks.

Lastly, when it comes to exploring the houses or castles, you can move from chamber to chamber by spotting the hidden doors and pressing the Spacebar to open them. Some of the entrances might be locked. Make sure to collect keys on your way, as well, for they prove handy when encountering such a door. You can use them by pressing the Up Arrow key and then opening the chamber as you would normally would, with Space.

Now that you know how to play, let's get to the bottom of these mysteries, shall we?