Sandwich Stack

Food is flying everywhere in the Sandwich Stack game! Move left and right to catch the ingredients to make a sandwich, watch out for the dynamite, though!

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If you are feeling a little bit hungry, play the Sandwich Stack game with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy! Their fridge has exploded, and now it is raining with food in their kitchen. You can help them now to catch as many ingredients as you can!

To make things more fun, the two friends have decided to pile the falling ingredients onto slices of bread and make sandwiches out of them! Don't let the food fall onto the floor and waste and catch it quickly!

How to Play!

Food falling from the sky is always a thing to be grateful for, so let it pile up! To have more chances to catch things, click on the Left or Right to make Shaggy and Scooby move the plate. As you see something falling, position yourself under it, and it will stick to your sandwich.

You should try to pile up as many layers of stuff. The more ingredients you manage to get on top, the more points you will receive for your piece of food art. To finish off a sandwich, you must catch the top part of the bread. Only then will you be able to start fresh.

Unfortunately for you, the explosion caused some dynamite to fall too. You must try to avoid it at all costs. If it gets on your pile, it will explode and create a not so delicious mess of a failed sandwich. More than that, it will cause the game to end too!

There is some hope left, though. You can make it up for the unfortunate sandwiches by recreating the one on the recipe book. Click on the Chef's hat to open many recipes of gourmet sandwiches. Catch only the ingredients mentioned there, and you will get extra points for being a total master of the art of cooking.