Rock! Paper! Tummy!

Try out Uncle Grandpa's version of a classic game in Rock! Paper! Tummy! Game. Memorize the opponent's moves and choose the proper ones to win!

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Remember how we all used to do a short rock paper scissors game to decide who is going to do what? Some of us even do that now! Our favorite hero, Uncle Grandpa, has his take on it in Rock Paper Tummy game. He took the old idea and made it way funnier for you to enjoy!

It is a  thing that will never get old and passes from generation to generation without changing much at all. Who knows, maybe even big decisions were made using this game.

Because it is so simple, surely everybody did it at least a dozen times with friends, either for fun or when they were dead serious. Uncle Grandpa used his magical powers to make his and your arm enormous, in order to step up the game a little bit. Even though you look a little bit unusual with that disproportioned member, it is way more entertaining this way.

How to Play

The rules remained pretty much the same as you knew them, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock, same old same old. The cool thing comes up now.

To play the game, observe what are Uncle Grandpa's moves and try to memorize them. After that, select the corresponding moves and click on them when you are sure, following the same order as your opponent's. If you remembered them well, you are sure to win, but make one mistake, and you will lose.

The first few time it will be as easy as it gets, and the more you play, the more things you will have to memorize. Do all these within the time limit and become a champion at the game!