Galactic Monsters Collection

Help Ben 10 to defeat his enemies in the Galactic Monsters Collection game. Play as Snare-Oh or BlitzWolfer and finish the tasks in each level!

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About Galactic Monsters Collection Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    600 x 400
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Ben 10 is on a mission in the Galactic Monsters Collection game. Many enemies have gathered to put him in very challenging situations, but as we all know, Ben is a hero! With his Omnitrix, he can transform into powerful aliens to finish off the villains.

Be part of the team and help Ben accomplish his missions. You must guide him around and fulfill the tasks as quickly as you can. Our superhero cannot do it on his own and needs somebody with excellent fighting skills to help!

How to Play

Though the mission might be difficult, playing the game is certainly not. As you probably are already accustomed, here you will use the Arrow keys to move around. Press the Down arrow to duck, the Up arrow to jump, and, most importantly, the Space Bar to attack.

Now that you know how to do things, it's time to step into the game. Ben selected two different alien forms for some challenges. Choose the one you like best, and let's get started. 

You should also know that for each alien, there is a special attack! Snare-Oh can do a Mummy Punch that would scare away any enemy, and his unique ability is to crouch under enemy fire. Blitzwolfer can double-jump whenever he wants, and his Sonic Howl pushes away any object.

Pass all the challenges!

The aim of the game is to accomplish each task given before each level. You might need to collect some objects scattered around or fight down all the enemies. But things are not as simple as they sound! 

To make things even more challenging, Ben's enemies have thought about how to make the situation more difficult for you. That is why they laid all sorts of traps around. Don't be fooled by appearances! One wrong step, and you'll have to start all over again.

If you don't succeed from the very first time, don't be disappointed. Try again until you are victorious! You must give your best to finish all the levels with both aliens. Ben will surely be proud that you rose up to the challenge.