Too Big to Fall

Help Ben 10 leap through the vast space in the Too Big To Fall game! Jump from one boulder to another and collect green orbs until you reach the top!

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About Too Big to Fall Game

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Ben 10's ready to leap through space in the Too Big To Fall game! Way Big is Ben's newest transformation, so he needs to test his skills before getting into fights. However, the alien is gigantic, and the only place to do so is outside the planet! Are you ready for a jump into space?

Your role is to help Way Big jump from one rock to the other and collect as many green orbs as possible. This game is about timing and determination, so don't give up and leap toward the corners of the universe!

How to Play

To launch Way Big into space, use your mouse. First, click on the alien and drag him toward the bottom of the screen. A guiding arrow will appear to signal how high and fast the jump will be. Then, release Big Way and click on him again to latch onto another rock until you reach the end of the level!

You can collect green orbs by passing through them during your powerful leaps. They count towards your high score and contribute to obtaining the complete, three-star rating at the end of every level!

Since Way Big is a gigantic and heavy alien, he will slowly descend after each jump. If you do not catch the ledge of another rock in time, he might fall, and the game will be over! Remember to be careful with the moving boulders, as they will be harder to grab onto and will send Way Big into the abyss!

You have a limited number of jumps, so try your best to make it to the top before you've used them all. You can track the distance to the last rock by looking at the meter on the right side of the screen!

How far up will Way Big make it with your help? It's time to explore space, one big jump at a time!