DNA Lab Remake

Create your own aliens in the Ben 10: DNA Lab Remake game. Mix and match DNA codes to design unique creatures. Easy interface and fun gameplay.

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About DNA Lab Remake Game

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The Ben 10: DNA Lab Remake game allows players to create their own unique aliens by mixing and matching the DNA of existing characters from the show. With its easy-to-use interface and engaging gameplay, Ben 10: DNA Lab Remake is a fun and creative way for fans of the show to explore their own alien designs.

Your role is straightforward: just provide two alien codes of your choice, and see what the final result of mixing the two looks like. Are you ready for fun?

How to Play

To begin with, just click on each of the two boxes, Alien DNA 1 and Alien DNA 2, and then use your keyboard to type in an alien code.

All the Alien Codes are displayed on the left side. However, due to some game resolution issues, you might need to play the game in full-screen mode to see the codes. You can also look here for all the available codes:

 - Wildvine: rame

 - Ghostfreak: rsam

 - Four Arms: nori

 - Diamondhead: taki

 - Perk Upchuck: bafa

 - Upgrade: funa

 - Stinkfly: aval

 - Heatblast: kenm

 - Wildmutt: bric

 - Blitzwolfer: ypet

 - XLR8: wjas

 - Snare-oh: ansn

 - Frankenstrike: pkmn

 - Cannonbolt: swor

 - Gwen: mura

 - Vilgax: akec

 - GreyMatter: gujh

Once you submit both of the required codes, you'll be able to see the result of your mix in a few seconds. You can also download it so you can share it with your friends afterward.

That would be all. Enjoy!