Saving Sparksville

Help Ben 10 fight the Megawatts in the Saving Sparksville game! Can you destroy the enemy's forms before the town is destroyed and the timer runs out?

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About Saving Sparksville Game

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Ben 10 must stop the Megawatts from reaching the hydroelectric dam and destroying the town in the Saving Sparksville game! Upon taking over the Planetarium exhibit, the Megawatts are now trying to increase their power. However, like any other enemy, they have a few weak spots that Ben can take advantage of to defeat them. But he must hurry, or it will be too late for the town of Sparksville. Can you give Ben a hand?

Your goal is to defeat the Megawatts and prevent them from getting to the hydroelectric dam and destroying Sparksville. At the same time, you should stay away from their attacks. This game requires coordination and focus, so don't hold back and try your best to hit your target!

How to Play

To stop the Megawatts attacks, use your mouse and keyboard. During the first phase, you'll have to defeat the little creatures in their giant robot form. You must aim and click to launch fireballs at the target. Then, in the second half of the game, you'll need to catch the feisty Megawatts and put out any fires to prevent the town's destruction. To do that, press Spacebar to switch between Fourarms and Upchuck and aim with your mouse.

Within the first phase, you must try and avoid the flying cars the robot throws your way. If you get hit too many times and lose your health, it will be game over, and you won't reach the second part of the game. You can track your health by looking at the top right corner of your screen.

At the same time, remember that Megawatts will only take damage if you hit their weak spots. Those will be highlighted, so you can immediately determine where the fireballs must go.

During the second half, one of your tasks is to capture the Megawatts with the giant ball. You can trap more than one by aiming at a group of them. Once they're all captured, you'll pass on to the next level. The more you advance, the more you'll have to catch.

What else you should know

Each phase and level has a time limit, so try your best to finish and beat the challenges before it runs out. Once the timer reaches zero, it will be game over.

You can track stats such as the time needed to replenish your fireball, the fire damage done to Sparksville, or the number of Megawatts left to catch. They're all displayed at the top of your screen and can help you to navigate levels easily.

Are you ready to defeat the charged creatures and save the little town of Sparksville? The victory will be electrifying!