Mechanoid Menace

Defeat Steam Smythe and save the day in the Ben 10: Mechanoid Menace game! Use your alien powers, take down the robots, and restore peace to the city!

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About Mechanoid Menace Game

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Did you ever want to have cool superpowers like your favorite hero? If so, give the Ben 10: Mechanoid Menace game a try, and get the abilities of the Omnitrix! Ben's powers are all yours, and you must use them to save the city. Will you be able to control your alien forces and take down the enemies before they cause trouble?

It seems that Robot Guy and Steam Smythe are already wreaking havoc! Luckily, Ben is ready to lend you his superpowers, so you have to protect the town. Watch out for the villains getting into your range, then hit them multiple times to make them disappear. Use your abilities to score combo attacks and earn as many coins as possible!

How to Play

It's time to head off to the battlefield! To start swinging your arms, you have to use the Left and Right arrow keys. Pay attention to the enemies, wait for them to reach the target and attack! Once your power bar is full, you can also use the Space Bar to activate your special abilities.

The villains are floating across the city's skyline, and you must smash them all! Act quickly and deal with them as soon as they come close. If you're slow, it might be too late to stop their evil plan. Just don't let the enemies escape, or it'll be game over for you! 

Each of the attackers has different tricks, so you have to be on guard at all times. The drones can change lanes when you least expect it. The second enemy, Robot Guy, is a tough opponent, so it will take more than one hit to defeat him. Finally, you will need to throw multiple punches at Steam Smythe before he disappears!

What else you should know

Have you noticed that the bar below you is full? If so, it's time to unleash the special powers of the Omnitrix! You will be invincible for a limited time and will be able to take down any enemies coming towards you. Just use your abilities at the right moment, and you can defeat all the flying robots in one go!

Aim for perfect attacks and score combo hits to earn bonus coins! After the fight, you can use the currency to upgrade your skills or even unlock new characters. If you ever wanted to try out Rath or Diamondhead's abilities, now is your chance! Just keep playing until you have enough coins, then redeem your rewards.

Well, are you ready to save the city? Use Ben 10's alien powers and take down Steam Smythe and all his mechanoids!