Ben 10: Match Up

Join Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and reveal the hidden heroes in the Ben 10: Match Up game! Turn over the cards, uncover who's on the other side, and find pairs!

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About Ben 10: Match Up Game

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Put your mind to the test and find the hidden heroes in the Ben 10: Match Up game! Are you good at paying attention to details? Join your friends Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, and use your skills to match all the cards!

This fun memory game is designed to test your memorization skills as you do your best to reveal your friends! Begin with just four cards, then advance to more and more difficult challenges as you play! Turn over the cards, see the heroes and aliens on the other side, then find their pair! Seems easy enough, right?

How to Play

To begin your mission, all you have to do is use your mouse and click on the cards to reveal them! See who's hidden on the other side and make your first two matches! After that, you can move on to more challenging stages!

For every pair of cards you manage to uncover, you earn 10 points! Each time you guess correctly, a score multiplier activates until you make a mistake! Try to focus and remember each card's position so you can finish with a high score! If you manage to successfully complete a stage, you also earn 50 points as a prize!

Even if you have a few failed attempts, you shouldn't feel bad! There is no time limit, so you can take your time to find all the hidden pairs! After some tries, you will see that both your reaction speed and memorization skills will improve! Just do your best, and remember that you will get better in time!

This is an endless challenge that will keep going until you decide to stop. Get ready, because you can spend many hours testing your skills and uncovering the heroes!

What do you say? Join the cast of Ben 10 and get ready to put your mind to the test!