DNA Decode

Help Ben 10 fix all the aliens in the DNA Decode game. Unscramble the mutant genes and restore them to their former glory by accomplishing all the tasks!

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Oh no! Ben 10 is having some nasty problems with his Omnitrix in the DNA Decode game! Be a good hero friend and help him sort out this madness. If the Omnitrix is not functioning well, who knows what disasters might happen!

It seems that all the alien DNA's got mixed up inside the device! As a result, each time Ben wants to transform, he turns into a mutant version of the alien. You must help him reset his unusual watch to restore it to its functioning state.

How to Play

Decoding the Omnitrix certainly will not be easy. The thing that messed him up did an excellent job. The good news is that to repair a single alien, you must pass only three tasks. The bad news is that there are ten creatures that have been mixed up, so do the math.

The first task is the easiest: the Omnitrix will show you a hologram of a healthy, non-messed up alien, and you must remember that picture and use it as a guide. Then, you will see other photos with some versions of the same alien. Here you must decide which one is good and which one needs repair. Drag them in the columns on the left and right accordingly.

The next challenge is almost as easy. Here the Omnitrix will show you again a picture of a proper alien. You must use it to recreate the mutated creature you have in front of you. Click on the arrows to switch the body parts until you think they fit properly.

The third and final task is the real challenge you have been waiting for. Here you will have to face the viruses infecting the Omnitrix. You will have to transform into an alien and defeat them all. You must overcome all the three lanes, so prepare yourself for the incoming waves!

What else you should know

The viruses will keep coming on each separate lane. You have to keep them at a distance by launching attacks right at them. Be as quick as you can about it and hit them as soon as they pop up. If you let them come too close, they will overcome you, and you will lose the game. 

To help you out, the Omnitrix has left a little trick for you. After defeating some enemies, they will leave behind some green tokens. Fire at them to destroy all the incoming viruses in one shot! They will all disappear in a blink of an eye.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the health bar. Because from time to time, the viruses will strike back, you must be sure that you can get the fight to an end. Each time you get hit, you will lose a bit, so be careful!

This entertaining game will get more and more tricky as you advance through it. More confusing aliens and mixed up mutants will appear, making it even more fun! Make sure to decode all the mixed up DNA's and get Ben 10 out of troubles!