Ben to the Rescue

Gwen was kidnapped by Hoverboard in the Ben to the Rescue game! Switch between four different aliens, fight your way through the levels, and rescue her!

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The Tennyson's peaceful and quiet life is quickly coming to an end in the Ben to the Rescue Game. Ben and his family, Max and Gwen, were enjoying their summer vacation, traveling across America, when something odd happened. A drone on a Hoverboard hit their truck in mid highway and captured Gwen.

Your job is to help Ben locate and destroy the Hoverboard. Use your Omnitrix, play all the cards that you have in your sleeves, and escape the traps and obstacles in your way. Be cunning enough, and you might just get Gwen back safely. What do you say, are you ready for some adrenaline?

Destroy the drones on the highway!

When he saw the Hoverboard disappearing with his cousin, Ben did not think twice before turning himself into the fast, agile XLR8. You will have to use your skills to ditch buses, smash the enemy's drones and get to the Hoverboard.

Use the Arrow Keys(Up and Down) to switch between lanes and avoid cars and the lateral ones for speeding up or slowing down. For a powerful speed boost, you can also press the Z Key. Do that while heading to an opponent (aka the drones), and it will tear it to pieces while adding some extra points to your score.

It will only get more crowded on the road, as the gameplay progresses, but don't worry! Simply press the Spacebar to jump over small cars or drones and avoid them altogether. While on the run, make sure to pick the green orbs for bonus time or the 1up's for an extra life.

Highjack the enemy's fortress!

As much as you tried to ‘Z'-smash the life out of the Hoverboard, he didn't give up as easy as the drones. Moreover, he somehow managed to escape! In Level 2, you'll have to follow the Hoverboard back to his fortress and highjack your way past the fortified access points.

That seems like a job for our tiny alien, Gray Matter! In this level, you'll have to solve an electrical puzzle and open the door. Use the arrows to move, and the Space bar to lift things up, or to put them down.

The key here is to complete the green circuit, using pieces from the other laps. You can take parts from other circuits, rearrange them and place them in their correct spots in the green track.

Be careful, though, not to step on those lines when there's electricity running. You'll also have to focus; the holes in the green track can only be filled by elements of the same shape.

Escape the rising lava!

Congratulations, you're in! But Level 3 is all about traps; things are going to get smokey! The floor is about to be transformed into lava! You'd better grab Gwen and hurry towards the nearest exit.

The controls are the same. Jump on different tiles using the Spacebar and climb off walls and bounce in the opposite direction using the lateral Arrows. You can see your Stamina Bar and the number of lives left at the top of the page.

Defeat the Hoverboard!

As I've said before, the Hoverboard won't give up so easily. To make sure he doesn't cause trouble anymore, you'll have to beat him in combat! Shapeshift into Diamond Head, and let's show this invader who they're messing with!

Use the left and right arrows to rotate, and then the Down arrow to block his attacks. To fire at the Hoverboard, press the Spacebar. Should you want a more powerful attack, press the Z Key when the power bar is full.

Let's blow this Hoverboard into the open sky, shall we?