Gwen 10: Jet Ski Dash

Help Gwen and Ben 10 escape the underwater resort in the Jet Ski Dash game! Drive the jet ski toward the exit and avoid getting damaged by the aliens!

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About Gwen 10: Jet Ski Dash Game

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Gwen and Ben 10 must get out of the underwater resort in the Jet Ski Dash game! After being kidnapped and trapped in a place full of dangerous aliens, the two cousins' only way to escape is by driving a jet ski toward the exit. However, the enemies are on their tail and don't plan to let them leave anytime soon! Will you join them on this adventure?

Your job is to help Gwen and Ben drive the jet ski toward the underwater resort's exit and avoid aliens and obstacles that could destroy their vehicle! It's time to show off your driving skills and turn this chase into a fun ride with your favorite heroes!

How to Play

You'll need your keyboard to navigate through the underwater resort. Although driving a jet ski is not easy, you'll master it right away once you learn the mechanics. These are the controls:

 - Up arrow key/W: Move up.

 - Down arrow key/S: Move down.

 - Spacebar/N: Turbo.

 - Ctrl/M: Depth Charge.

There are multiple things you can collect throughout your journey. For example, the toolbox will repair the damage your jet ski took, and the red gas canister will refill your turbo. To replenish your Deep Charges, you must collect the batteries.

The obstacles you must avoid are the clingy aliens that climb onto your jet ski and the sharp or hard objects in the water. They can all damage your vehicle and take away your health. However, your health can be replenished by collecting Omnitrix symbols from the water.

Besides the other collectibles, you must try to grab as many stars as possible for a better high score. To get them, you have to turbo jump using the ramps. You'll get a distance warning before a ramp appears so you can increase your speed and fly!

What else you should know

There is a timer at the top of your screen, so you'll have a limited time to finish the level. That means you must drive your jet ski fast and eliminate all the clingy aliens. If the time runs out, it'll be game over.

If you want to track your progress and see how far you've reached, you can look at the minimap at the top of your screen. The squares will light up as soon as you pass a level and show you how many you have left. Two warning arrows will force you to pick a side before moving on to the next stage.

Are you ready to prove you're a good driver and help the two cousins escape the alien-infested resort? Nothing can stand in your way!