SnowBrawl 2

Join Santa's tournament alongside some beloved Cartoon Network heroes in the Snow Brawl 2 game! Throw your snowballs and defeat all teams to be victorious.

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Santa continues the tradition of having a snowball fight against many Cartoon Network heroes in the Snow Brawl 2 game! The jolly fellow sent invitations to many beloved characters. For example, Ben 10, Jake and Fin, Gumball and Darwin, and more are coming to join in on the fun. The only missing person is you. So, grab some warm clothes and get the fight started.

There will be teams of three players, and your job is to pick one and help them win the tournament. Don't underestimate your opponents, though! Even if it's just a fun snowball fight, we're still talking about The Powerpuff Girls, Flapjack and his pirate friends, and many more strong heroes. Will you defeat them all?

How to Play

Before you enter the battlefield, you should learn the controls. Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - W, A, S, D / Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Z: Throw.

 - C: Switch players.

 - X: Jump.

 - Spacebar: Use special power.

Also, you can combine the keys to perform cool moves. For example, you can press the movement keys two times to dash and many other keys to throw special attacks!

There are eight trios to choose from, and once you make your pick, it's time to defeat all the other teams to win the tournament. Each character has a health bar, and your goal is to hit them with snowballs until you empty it. Once it goes to zero, the character will transform into a snowman, and they will become unable to move. At that point, it will be easier to focus on the other members.

What else you should know

Don't forget about your teammates! You can only control one at a time, and the others might get into big trouble if they get hit too much. However, you can quickly switch your hero to get the others out of trouble.

Lastly, your power gauge will increase as you hit targets. When filled, you can use it to perform a special attack and cause extra damage to your opponents!

It's time to join the jolliest brawl of the year! Grab your best pair of gloves to keep your hands warm while throwing snowballs, and let's get you to meet everyone!

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