Upgrade Chasers

Join Ben 10 in a fantastic racing adventure with the Upgrade Chasers game. Avoid the obstacles in your way and reach the finish line before time runs out!

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About Upgrade Chasers Game

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Quick! Ben 10 needs to urgently drive towards the hidden place where the new upgrades are to be found. Sadly, everybody knows the map by heart. Can you help Ben 10 arrive faster than anyone else in the Upgrade Chasers game?

Your primary duty is to drive a fantastic car and chase the big prize. Make sure that Ben 10 will arrive at the destination safely while also defeating all the opponents along the way. Would you care to give a helping hand?

How to Play

You can control the car that you drive with the Left and Right arrow keys, as well as the X and the C keys. At the left corner of the screen, you will have a life bar shown. Hit the cars that travel beside you with the X and the C buttons. This will increase your power and refill your life bar.

Get stronger and catch all of the evil guys from behind. Defeat your opponents and be the first one to arrive at a marked place on the map!

Beware for the obstacles that you might encounter in your path towards the upgrade. Avoid them as much as you can by moving from one side of the road to another using the arrows. If you bump right into one of them, you will lose your health. If you crash another car, that will also decrease your level of life, so pay attention and act fast.

Step up and face challenges in every single level. Transform your car into upgraded ones so you can overcome the obstacles easier and destroy them one by one.

If your life bar gets to zero, do not panic. Just restart the level and be more careful at avoiding the obstacles and defeating your evil opponents. Do not let anyone get in your way!

Drive fast, act fast, and help your favorite character. It is your time to shine!