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Play the Ben 10: Alien Catcher game to prove your attention skills! Can you catch all the aliens, avoid humans, and earn points before time runs out?

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About Alien Catcher Game

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Get ready for an exciting adventure with the Ben 10: Alien Catcher game! In this fun finding game, your mission is to catch as many aliens as you can before time runs out. But be careful, not all characters are aliens!

Your role is to use your sharp eyes and quick reflexes to catch the aliens while avoiding humans, Incurseans, and Ectonurites. Before each round, the game will show you a list of characters to catch and characters to ignore. Pay attention and be selective!

How to Play

On a computer, simply left-click on the characters as they appear on the screen. If you're playing on a touchscreen device like a tablet or smartphone, just tap on the characters that pop up. It's as easy as that!

The game consists of two rounds. Your goal is to finish both rounds by finding and catching as many aliens as possible within the 30-second time limit. Look for aliens wearing white or multicolored space suits and click or tap on them to catch them. Each alien you catch will earn you 100 points!

However, be careful not to catch any of the invalid characters. These include humans like Ben, Gwen, Grandpa Max, Zombozo, and Kevin, as well as the enemy alien species, Ectonurites (ghost aliens) and Incurseans (frog aliens). Sometimes, Ben in a space suit can be mistaken for an alien, so look closely before clicking or tapping!

Now that you know the basics, put your detective skills to the test, catch those aliens, and earn as many points as possible! Have a blast playing, little alien catcher, and show off your finding abilities. Good luck with your extraterrestrial adventure!