Cannonbolt Crash

Defeat the army of evil clowns in the Ben 10: Cannonbolt Crash game. Help Cannonbolt roll and hit as many clowns as possible! Can you clear all the levels?

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About Cannonbolt Crash Game

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Oh no! The city has been attacked by an army of clowns in the Cannonbolt Crash game. There is only one person that could save it: Ben 10. To save the day, you need to help Ben 10 as he turns into Cannonbolt to defeat the army of clowns. Hurry, before it is too late!

Your job is straightforward: take down all the clowns you encounter in each stage. There are 15 levels of this thrilling story, each new one featuring stronger clowns and an increasing number of enemies. Are you up for this challenge?

How to Play

To play the hero role, just hold the Left click and drag an arrow that will direct Cannonbolt toward the evil enemies. When aiming right, you'll surely hit them harder than ever. The goal is to hit as many clowns as possible with one strike.

At the beginning of every level, you may notice a number in your screen's left corner. This represents the maximum number of hits you can use in that stage. If you exceed that number, you will have to start the level again and fight the army of clowns harder.

On the other hand, the clowns you'll meet in the first levels are quite easy to defeat. However, as you advance, you might even encounter clowns with armor. You'll need to hit those twice for them to perish.

What else you should know

In the higher stages, you'll face clowns armed with special shields and knives that will stop you from rolling and slow down your strike. To take them down, try to hit them indirectly by pushing another clown toward them. Others will move around, so directly striking them will be somewhat tricky. Use the heavy bags to help you project yourself in the direction of the enemies and hit them harder.

Lastly, you will receive some golden stars for each level, depending on how fast you clear all the clowns. Are your skills good enough to get a maximum of three stars for each level? There's only one way to find out!

Do you want to be the hero of the story? Play the game and show your best moves!