Stinkfly Avoid

Help Ben 10 soar above the muddy path in the Stinkfly Avoid game! How fast can you switch between the dirty lanes to avoid running into any pigs?

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About Stinkfly Avoid Game

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Ben 10 must transform and stay clear of the nasty farm pigs in the Stinkfly Avoid game! Not all of Ben's hero missions are clean and proper. Most of the time, the teenager must deal with toxic or dirty situations. So is the case with this task. While chasing an enemy, Stinkfly, Ben's bug-like hero, has to quickly fly through the pig-filled muddy fields of a farm. Are you ready for this messy adventure?

Your job in this game is to help Ben transform into Stinkfly and change lanes along the muddy path to avoid all the pigs in his way. Although farm animals might seem harmless, you'll need to put your flying skills to the test and steer clear of them as much as possible!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to navigate through the muddy path. Stinkfly will be gliding close to the ground, so with the help of your Up and Down arrow keys, you can switch between the three lanes and avoid colliding with any nasty pigs in your way.

As mentioned, the most significant aspect of this mission is to not get stumped during your flight. The pigs that occupy the muddy grounds are robust and have no regard for our hero. If you accidentally run into one, you'll get trampled through the dirt, and it'll be game over.

This game has no time limit, so the way to obtain points is by flying uninterrupted for as long as possible. The more distance you overcome, the higher your score. However, as you progress through the mission, Stinkfly's speed will slowly increase and add to the challenge.

Now that you learned how to fly, will you be able to avoid the obstacles and catch up to your enemy? Remember to keep the mud away from your wings!