Heatblast Fight

Help Ben 10 defeat the aliens before they reach the surface in the Heatblast Fight game! Can you press Spacebar as quickly as possible and win the battle?

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About Heatblast Fight Game

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Ben 10 must defeat the underwater aliens before they reach the surface in the Heatblast Fight game! In this mission, Ben is forced to fend off the dangerous fish-like creatures threatening to destroy Earth. However, he can only do so from the surface as he has transformed into the fire hero, Heatblast. Are you ready to keep the underwater army away from dry land?

Your goal is to win the beam fight against the leader of the aliens and send them back to their underwater kingdom! This game will test your resistance and speed, so be prepared for a difficult task! The aliens won't stand a chance against you!

How to Play

You'll need your keyboard to cast the fire beam toward your enemy. The Spacebar is the only button you need to win the fight. However, you'll have to press it multiple times and as fast as possible to match the alien's beam and eventually overpower it!

During the battle, you might notice different levels of push from your enemy. If it seems too easy and like you've already defeated the alien, don't give up, as his beam will become more powerful by the second. The challenge is to continue pressing it and increase your speed, despite how difficult it becomes!

You will also notice a timer in the top left corner of your screen. Unfortunately, you only have a limited time to defeat your enemy with your fire beam. If the time runs out and you still haven't overpowered the alien, it'll be game over.

Are you ready to become the ultimate champion and defeat the aliens once and for all? Nothing can stop your powerful blast!