Vilgax Crash

Help Ben 10 catch the notorious octopus villain in the Vilgax Crash Game! Use the reflective pads to kill his robots and find Vilgax before he vanishes away!

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About Vilgax Crash Game

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Get ready for a space adventure in the Vilgax Crash Game! Just when Ben thought he got him cornered, Vigilax managed to make a slick move and highjack the spacecraft. While the ship was about to crash, he succeeded in breaking out and escaped. Now he's wandering somewhere in the extraterrestrial landscapes.

It's up to you to help Ben catch Vilgax! Be careful, many traps and enemies are waiting in the wreckage and ruins of what was once the best spacecraft that man has ever made. Use your wits and intelligence to get past them, and don't lose Vilgax from sight. Do you think you can outsmart Vilgax and his followers?

How to Play

Let's start our adventure, shall we? Use the Arrow Keys to move around the ship. Vilgax is quick, so he'll keep you running through all of the areas of the spacecraft. Each level brings a new challenge, so don't let your guard down until you've captured him!

He had also made sure that his devoted minions will protect his back and slow you down as much as possible. You can use the mouse to aim and shoot them into oblivion.

Since he highjacked the system, the spaceship will also be on his side. Laser shoots that once protected the ship will now try to kill you before you even take a step into the room. 

To deactivate them without getting harmed, use the reflector pads to bounce your shots in their direction. They're pretty handy at killing your enemies while keeping them at a safe distance. Still, you will have to carefully calculate your shots and aiming angle.

This is definitely a game of logic and perseverance. Don't give up! Each level gets you closer and closer to Vilgax.