Danger from Dimension 12

Help Ben 10 defend Earth against alien invaders in the Danger from Dimension 12 game! Destroy their ships, collect power-ups, and withstand their attacks!

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About Danger from Dimension 12 Game

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Ben 10 is calling for you once again in the Danger from Dimension 12 Game! The alien invaders have created a breakthrough in our planet’s security system. Within 24 hours, they have already taken control over Earth’s sky traffic with their aircraft. The enemies are at our gates, and there is no one to stop them! We need to hurry!

It’s up to you to save the Earth from imminent destruction! Throw yourself into the battle and destroy any ship that dares to approach your planet. Should you prove yourself a worthy warrior, Ben and the Tennyson’s will be forever grateful to you!

How to Play

All onboard, soldier! Before we begin our mission, we need to make sure that you understand all the tactics and plans. You’ll be operating the main platform of the ship, so we are all counting on you to make the right decisions!

Once on the battlefield, you can move your ship by using the Arrow Keys. Should you spot one of your opponent’s aircraft, use the mouse to aim and shoot at him. Your main objective is to break their defenses and clear out the sky of enemies. 

What else should you know

Make sure to keep your ship moving at all times. Otherwise, if they reach you, you’ll probably go down with them as well. To blast out all of the invaders in one shot, press the Spacebar and send a Shockwave.

Don’t forget to look for power-ups on the way, as well. They can aid your mission by activating your Shield or refueling your Energy. You can see your health bar, as well as your score and number of wrecked ships at the top of the page.