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Accept the challenge and select the most powerful deck of cards in the Action Packs game. Win by the number of points or color and defeat your opponents!

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The heroes and the villains are in a constant battle. And it is usually quite simple to decide which side you are on. In the Ben 10 Alien Force: Action Packs game, this changes. Because you are given the opportunity to empathize with whatever faction you choose. So select your deck and battle against your opponent, whoever that might be!

This game is similar to a war of cards, but it has so many features and useful tricks that there is no way you will ever get bored of it. And the options that you have to choose from are so vast. Nothing will stay in your way towards success now. You just need to pay attention to whatever your opponent is playing and try to overcome its strength. 

How to Play

Fist of all, choose a deck of action cards. You have two options: you can either select the heroes of the villains. The rules of the game are the same with either one of the decks, but the special powers will differ a little bit. After you have made your choice, six cards will appear on your side of the panel. 

Right at the beginning, the computer will shuffle the decks and flip two cards over, which will decide the target color of the game. The primary colors available are green, red, blue, and purple. There are also black and silver colors, which do not count as target colors.

There might be two different target colors. The person that has the most cards in these specific colors will receive extra points. 

Get to know your deck!

You will play against the computer. It will flip the cards over once your selection has been made. It will also add the points of each side. Before starting to play, you also need to know how to win the points, besides achieving them through the target color.

You will need to play only four of the cards in the first round. To do this, simply drag and drop them from your deck to the game board. Once you are done, wait for your opponent to make its selection. Then, watch the way it all proceeds.

Each card will duel against the corresponding one from your opponent’s deck. The number of points that each card is worth is listed on its bottom right corner.

If you want, you can choose to drop the two cards that you have left after the first round is finished. You can discard one of them, both of them or neither, depending on how strong you consider them to be.

And do not forget that the cards might have special powers that will increase your number of points or decrease the ones of your opponent. 

Do you feel intrigued by this fantastic card game? Do you want to be a part of it? Then begin your adventure and show your enemy what you are capable of!