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Help Ben 10 rescue Gwen in the Power Splash game! Transform into Ripjaws and search the depths of the ocean or use Stinkfly to attack the kidnappers!

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Ben 10 is on the run again in the Power Splash game! Gwen has been kidnapped by two notorious gangsters and is held hostage on their yacht. When Ben tried to stop them, they simply turned on their engines and sailed away! Luckily enough, this teenager has 10 alien forms up his sleeve, none of which are afraid of water.

Your job is to help Ben overcome all the traps that those villains have left in his way, and capture them once you reach the yacht. You'll have to make use of your alien superpowers, dive into the deep ends of the ocean, and fight off any mysterious creatures that may arise. Let's bring back Gwen safely, shall we?

How to Play

After their mischievous retreat, Ben was left hanging on the docks, with no ship to travel across the water whatsoever. Fortunately, he has his Omnitrix by his side! Once he transforms into Ripjaws, you'll have to guide him through his troubling journey through the depths of the ocean using the arrow keys. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to change the below sea level, and the Left and Right arrows to accelerate or slow down.

While swimming, you will encounter many traps and monsters, released by the two villans to slow you down. It's better to avoid them altogether and conserve your Health. Should you find yourself in a position that you need to counter-attack, use the Spacebar to activate your jaws. Be careful, though, you can munch on Squids, but grab a Bomb between your teeth, and you're a dead man. 

To defeat his enemy, Ben will also have to alternate between the ocean and the mid-air. Once Stinkfly enters the game, you'll be using the same controls to direct him towards the yacht. You can cover up the two villains in green goo until they ran out of Health using the Spacebar. Make sure to avoid the projectiles they throw, or you might get some severe damage.

Don't forget to hurry up! We need to reach Gwen and bring her back home safely before it's too late.