Ben 10: Alien Attack

Join Ben 10 in the thrilling Alien Attack game! Battle minions, defeat bosses, and unlock the bonus game. Are you ready to conquer all 10 levels?

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About Ben 10: Alien Attack Game

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Get ready for an epic adventure in the Ben 10: Alien Attack game! You'll play as Ben 10 and battle against minions and enemies in 10 exciting levels. Your mission is to defeat all the bosses and unlock the bonus level. Can you collect all the Mini Figures and conquer every challenge?

Your role is to help Ben 10 pass through all the minions of the boss and reach the Boss Stage of each challenge. Each level features a different alien form of Ben 10 with unique powers and missions. Let's see how to do this!

How to Play

In every level, you'll use the same controls: 

- Space Bar: Fire Alien Powers

- Left/Right arrow keys: Move left/right.

To complete each level, you must defeat enemies specific to that alien form. Fight off zombie students, Forever Knights, Vulpimancers, Pickaxe aliens, Null Void aliens, Techadons, Null Void Guardians, and more!

Let's take a look at the 10 thrilling levels awaiting you:

Swampfire / Raging Road War
 - Code: kmah
 - Mission: Defeat zombie students using your fireball power.

Goop / Passage of Peril
 - Code: nnrs
 - Mission: Use your slime-slinging power to defeat the Forever Knights.

Jetray / Roadway Rumble
 - Code: aico
 - Mission: Defeat the Vulpimancers with your neuro-shockwaves.

Echo Echo / Breakneck Badlands
 - Code: mthn
 - Mission: Blast away the Pickaxe aliens with your ultrasonic blasts.

Humungousaur / Byway Brawl
 - Code: wres / bx10
 - Mission: Crush the Null Void aliens with your super strength.

Brainstorm / Bounty Hunter Burrow
 - Code: aeai
 - Mission: Shock the Techadons with your electro-shock bursts.

Big Chill / The Will to Chill
 - Code: rkkh
 - Mission: Freeze the Null Void Guardians with your ice-blasting power.

Chromastone / Crystal Conqueror
 - Code: aoko
 - Mission: Use laser beams to defeat the Forever Knights.

Spidermonkey / Tunnel Terror
 - Code: uaio
 - Mission: Shoot down the DNAliens with your webshooter.

Alien X / Desert of Doom
 - Code: oiaa
 - Mission: Unleash powerful energy waves to defeat the Forever Knights.

No matter the level, you should do your best to avoid enemy fire to keep your DNA power high. So always look for DNA orbs and watch out for obstacles.

There's more you should know!

Remember, in each level, there is a mystery villain waiting to be defeated. The boss's identity is revealed only in the Boss Stage. Can you defeat them all and save the day?

Once you conquer the Nanomech battle, you can even get a special Translucent Ben Tennyson figure by collecting three UPC codes in the packages of Ben 10: Alien Force.

Prepare for action, little hero, and embark on an incredible journey with the Ben 10: Alien Attack! Show off your skills, defeat enemies, and become the ultimate Ben 10 champion. Good luck with your mission to save the world!