Cannonbolt Strikes

Help Ben 10 leave the alien ship in the Cannonbolt Strikes game! Transform, roll, and collect the green crystals to open the portal and escape!

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About Cannonbolt Strikes Game

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Ben 10 must transform and escape the alien ship before it's too late in the Cannonbolt Strikes game! The hero has been kidnapped by evil aliens during one of his fights against them. Unfortunately, the enemy ship is full of dangerous pathways, so his best choice is to turn into Cannonbolt and roll his way out! It's only a matter of time before the aliens try to capture him again! Are you ready to join him in this adventure?

Your goal is to activate portals and escape the ship by collecting the green crystals. The enemies won't hesitate to chase and fight you throughout this journey, but you must keep going! With the help of your new rolling abilities, you'll be unstoppable!

How to play this game

To escape the alien ship, use your keyboard. Cannonbolt is not an easy hero to control, but if you quickly learn the mechanics, you'll pose a real threat to your enemies. These are your controls:

 - Arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - Z: Roll faster and attack.

 - X: Defend yourself.

After you collect all the green crystals around the map, a portal will open, and you'll be able to move on to the next level. However, you should always be on the lookout! The pathway is riddled with obstacles, such as disappearing and moving platforms that can stump you or make you fall.

Other obstacles you should avoid on your way are the killer robots. They will chase or shoot you from afar, which depletes your health meter. If you fall or the robots harm you, you can run out of health and lose a life point. You only have three chances to escape the alien ship, so roll around and don't waste them, or you'll have to start over.

The Omnitrix symbol in the top right corner of your screen is the timer of your transformation. Once it runs out, you'll turn back into Ben, and you'll have no way of fighting your foes, so stay away from them during that period. It'll replenish automatically, and you can transform again when it turns green!

Will you help Ben escape the alien ship and return to his family unharmed? It's time to roll away from danger!