Rustbucket Rescue

Help Ben 10 save his family in the Rustbucket Rescue game! Pass three different levels to get to your cousin and rescue her! Have fun!

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About Rustbucket Rescue Game

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In the Rustbucket Rescue game, you need to help Ben 10 to save his family from some evil aliens, who tried to kidnap his cousin. Before stepping right into the action, first, let's find out what's the story behind.

Imagine you have a magic watch that can turn you in every creature that you wish. You could be a hero, and everyone will like you. Unfortunately, not everyone can have such a magic watch. Still, Ben 10, a boy who travels the world with his cousin and his grandfather, is lucky enough to own one.

Everyone knows him, and people love him for his courageous acts. He would do anything for his family, and when someone threatens them, he is the first one who wants to save them. In this game, you need to use the magic watch to turn into three different superheroes and go on an adventure with Ben 10 to rescue his family.

How to Play

You need to pass three different levels on saving Ben's family. You will turn into three heroes, and you have to fight with evil monsters, destroy obstacles, or run as fast as you can.

During the first level, you need to be very fast and collect all the symbols on the road; try to avoid the rocks and any other obstacles you encounter. They will only slow you down. Your purpose is to reach Ben's grandfather's car. Use the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard to move from one side of the road to the other one.

In the next level, you have to use the X key too. You have to fight with monsters and to destroy the rocks on your way. More than that, collect all the lives you see on your way. They will help you keep going without failing. Only after you pass all the three levels, you will be able to save your cousin.

We wish you good luck and do not give up after the first tries. We know that you can beat any monster when it comes to the ones you love!