Ultimate Alien Rescue

With the Ultimate Alien Rescue game, you can take part in a true intergalactic venture that will keep you on your toes! Join Ben 10 and his alien friends!

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The Ultimate Alien Rescue game allows you to play the leading role in an adrenaline-filled saga that involves the Omnitrix, aliens, and powerful foes. A group of five peaceful aliens from the Andromeda galaxy thought they had escaped the wrath of Aggregor. Can you believe that most extraterrestrial villains shiver when they hear the name of this feared intergalactic criminal?

However, the troubles are not over for our fugitives! A sudden crash shakes their craft to the core, and they crash on Earth. The Plumbers try to help them board another ship, but their plan goes wrong.

It appears that Aggregor has infiltrated the rescue ship. Now, these innocent creatures need Ben's help! Can you jump in and do your best to give him a hand? 

Get ready to shoot and jump your way to victory!

You will need just a few minutes to adjust to the intuitive gameplay of this adventure. To get through each one of the five exciting levels, you need to obliterate enemies, survive all obstacles, and find the missing aliens. Can you believe that they are hiding, terrified for their lives?

As you might have expected, the controls are as easy as pie! Do you know what the coolest part is? They are incredibly flexible, as well!  To move your character through the background, you can use either the Left and Right arrow keys or the A and D keys. 

Want to make a jump? You can either press the W, Up arrow, or the Space-Bar. Want to punch or shoot at someone? Nothing easier! Just left-click towards your target, and your character will perform a melee or long-range attack. It all depends on the distance!

Finally, you can make your beloved alien perform a powerful attack with the power of a single key. All you need to do is push the Shift or E key.

However, you need to make sure your power-up bar is full before you try this. Just perform as many combos as you can and take a glance at the top of the screen before you make any plans!

Tips and tricks that will lead you to success

One of the biggest challenges in this game is confronting the sneaky and powerful turrets. They usually accompany regular guards, and they can deal considerable damage if you don't neutralize them fast. The solution? Find an appropriate vantage point and take them down one by one before you move on!

A good attack strategy is essential for your success. Nevertheless, it's quite important to know how to pick your fights! You will find that sometimes it's smarter to sneak past enemies rather than confront them directly. Focus on your patience, timing, and swiftness to get past any situation that may arise!

Don't forget to keep an eye out for extra lives, health refills, and computers. Why computers? They are checkpoints that you can use in case you use to continue the game when you get killed. Pretty useful, right?

Get ready to detangle the labyrinth of corridors and find all the hostages before it's too late! I'm sure Ben Tennyson will be forever grateful for your help!