Ben 10: Alien Strike

Ben 10 must rescue Gwen and Grandpa Max from Vilgax in the Alien Strike game! Can you use the forces of Heatblast, Fourarms, and Wildmutt to help him?

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About Ben 10: Alien Strike Game

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Ben 10 must save Gwen and grandpa Max from Vilgax's hands in the Alien Strike game! The evil alien Vilgax has been trying to get his filthy hands on the Omnitrix for a while, but Ben has defeated him countless times. This time, he sent in his strongest bounty hunters, Six-Six and Kraab, to kidnap Ben's family in exchange for the powerful Omnitrix. However, Ben won't accept his terms and try his best to save his family. Will you give him a hand?

Your job in this game is to help Ben use his alien forms and save Gwen and grandpa Max from the bounty hunters' grasp! It might take some time and practice to get used to Ben's transformations, but once you master them, nothing will stand in your way! Only you can defeat the evil Vilgax and keep him away from the Omnitrix.

How to Play

To navigate the maps and interact with objects, use your keyboard. Although Ben can use three different alien forms, the mechanics aren't complicated, and you'll learn how to use each one effectively. Here are the controls:

 - Arrow keys: Move around the map.

 - Spacebar: Jump.

 - X: Throw fireballs as Heatblast.

However, to use any of the alien forms, you'll need to collect a transformation token first. Since each map is designed for a specific hero, you'll have to find the Omnitrix token within the course. At the same time, each alien form has a time limit, so Ben must navigate the map quickly and reach the exit.

The three aliens Ben can transform into are Heatblast, Fourarms, and Wildmutt. With Heatblast's fireballs, you can shoot the red barrels to blow up crates and create pathways. As for Fourarms, his strength is enough to break any obstacle and eliminate all enemies in your way. Lastly, Wildmutt can jump higher and climb walls, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach places.

You only have three lives, so try your best to preserve them and avoid any obstacles that might harm you. Every time you touch a robot, fall into the water or run into spikes, you will lose a life point. When you lose them all, it'll be game over, and you'll have to restart the adventure.

What else you should know

Every few levels, you'll fight a bounty hunter. These minibosses are not hard to defeat, but you must be quick and not allow them to take away any of your lives.

There is a timer in the upper part of your screen. You have plenty of time to finish each stage, but some can be tricky. If the time runs out, you'll have to restart the level.

The green orbs scattered around the map count toward your high score. The more you collect, the more points you receive. If you gather all the green spheres in one level, your score will increase by a thousand points.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you be able to save Ben's family and defeat Vilgax? It's time to let your inner hero out!