Critical Impact

Save the planet from fiery asteroids in the Ben 10: Critical Impact game. Destroy meteors with fire blasts and phase through obstacles to avoid damage.

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About Critical Impact Game

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Ben 10 must destroy all the meteors before they crash into the ground in the Critical Impact game! As comets and meteors threaten the safety of Earth, everyone is relying on the young boy and his aliens to save them! Now, Ben has to stop the fiery rocks from destroying everything! Will you join him in his quest?

Your role is to help Ben 10 use his alien forms and destroy the fiery meteors while avoiding the obstacles in his way. It's time to test your reflexes and see how quickly you switch between aliens to easily navigate the map! Are you up for the challenge?

How to Play

To destroy the incoming meteors, use your keyboard. These are your controls and how you can use them:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around the area during your run.

 - Spacebar: Fire.

 - Z: Transform into Heatblast.

 - X: Transform into Ghostfreak.

During the run, you will encounter two situations. You will have to eliminate the asteroids threatening to destroy Earth with Heatblast's fire projectiles and phase through obstacles with Ghostfreak's ability. You must try your best to quickly switch between them when needed.

The health and fire bar is at the top right corner of your screen. Your health bar will drain when you get hit by a meteor or don't phase through an obstacle. If it empties out, it will be game over. But don't worry! You can replenish it by collecting the green orbs along the way!

The red fire bar can also be drained if you shoot too many projectiles too quickly and they don't hit the meteors. You can try and destroy as many asteroids as possible in one chain reaction to prevent getting harmed and gain extra points!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you keep the planet safe and become everyone's hero? It's time to show them what you're made of!