Cannonbolt Pinball - Ghostfreak's Revenge

Gostfreak is attacking Earth in the Cannonbolt Pinball - Ghostfreak’s Revenge Game! Play the pinball game, charge the Omnitrix and help Ben 10 destroy him!

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About Cannonbolt Pinball - Ghostfreak's Revenge Game

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Your favorite old schooled game is back with a twist in the Cannonbolt Pinball - Ghostfreak’s Revenge Game! Gostfreak has assembled his minions in an attempt to block out the sun and throw the Earth into eternal darkness. Luckily, Ben 10 has just found the alien to stop them: Cannonbolt!

Revive the nostalgia of the 90s, while helping your favorite alien shapeshifter fight off monsters and invaders. Once Ben has transformed into Cannonbolt, your task will be to play the Pinball game as long as you can. Hit the bumpers to fill out the Omnitrix and should one of Gostfreak’s followers show up, destroy it with your skills! Are you ready?

How to Play

To start the round, press and hold the Spacebar, and it will launch the Cannonbolt into the game field. The longer you keep the Spacebar pressed, the more powerful your throw will be.

Now, to activate the flippers at the bottom, you have two options;  you can either use the Left Arrow Key or the Z Key for the left flipper, and the Right Arrow Key or the ‘?’ Key for the right one.

The primary purpose of the game is to keep the ball as long as possible in the game field. Do not let it slip off the table through the space between the flippers!

While in the game area, every bumper hit means more power added to the Omnitrix and more points for you. Fill it out so that Ben can fight off those invaders!

What else you should know

Apart from bumpers, there are plenty more figurines on the game table that you can hit and activate. Those models are going to switch up modes that will make the gameplay even more exciting!

For instance, you can hit the goo target to activate the Stinkfly God theme. This will enable you to put a slime between the flippers and prevent the Cannonbolt from falling off.

Or perhaps aim at the fire targets and turn on the Fire Rings. Shoot the Cannonbolt through them to earn some extra points! And there are plenty more mods on the table, waiting for you to discover them. Should Gostfreak and his minions make an entrance in the game, hit them until they ran out of lives.

Go ahead and have fun exploring the game, and don’t forget to shoot those invaders into oblivion!