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Get ready for battle with the Ben 10: Alien Rivals game! Can you master the creatures of the Omnitrix and defeat dangerous antagonists in 3 round fights?

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Play the Ben 10: Alien Rivals game if you want to experience the mighty power of the Omnitrix! As you might know by now, Ben 10 is a teenage superhero who can transform into powerful aliens by using a watch, the Omnitrix. Would you like to experience their powers first hand? Play this game to confront some of the most dangerous aliens in the galaxy!

Who would win in a one-on-one confrontation between Heatblast and Wreckingbolt? The answer is up to you! You'll have the chance to discover the fighting style and special attack for each of Ben's aliens. Win two out of three rounds to move on to the next stage! As you play, you will become more skilled and even unlock new aliens! Isn't that cool?

The game consists of three modes:  Arcade, Survival, and Mutations. We suggest you start with the first option, where you will fight increasingly difficult Alien Battles. Each confrontation consists of a three-round battle. As you move through the series of fights, you can unlock new characters! Are you used to the controls and the gameplay? Try Survival, where you will fight as many aliens as you can in a row, or the Mutations mode. The final choice mixes up all the aliens, with their perks and special attacks. Choose this for a thrilling run!

How to Play

The first step is to select an alien for your battle. In the beginning, you will have only two options: Heatblast and Shock Rock. Each one boasts different attack styles and special moves. However, the more you play, the more aliens you will unlock. Can you master all of their skills?

Let's fight! Are you ready to land some punches? To attack your enemy, you need to press the Right arrow key. You can also perform a rush attack by pressing the Up arrow key. This final move allows you to close in on your enemy and create combos. The more attacks you manage to land in a row, the better! Combos will double the damage your foe takes! Isn't that cool?

Can you dodge the enemy's hits? To do so, make sure you press the Left arrow key at the right moment. With a little agility and timing, you will manage to defeat any foe. Keep practicing, and you will surely succeed!

There's more you should know!

The most spectacular part of any battle is the special attack! Have you noticed the Omnitrix on the left side of the screen? Make sure you fill it up as fast as you can by performing plenty of attacks successful dodges! Once it has filled up, press Space. Can you manage to follow the on-screen instructions? If so, your move will deplete the enemy's health. How cool!

However, you must know that your enemies can perform these powerful attacks as well! Can you see the red Omnitrix next to your foe? Don't let them fill it up! If they do, your character will suffer a painful hit. Therefore, keep dodging!

Who will win in a 99-second confrontation? The two out of three system forces you to be swift and act quickly. The better you adapt your strategy to each enemy, the higher your score. Can you master the powers of the Omnitrix?