Ultimate Alien Warrior

Help Ben 10 protect Earth from waves of powerful enemies in the Ultimate Alien Warrior game! Use Humongosaur, Big Chill, and Swampfire to defeat them all!

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About Ultimate Alien Warrior Game

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Ben 10 must transform and protect his planet from waves of dangerous enemies in the Ultimate Alien Warrior game! It turns out that Earth has been invaded by scary aliens, but Ben can use his trusted Omnitrix to protect it. With the help of his powerful aliens like Humongosaur, Big Chill, and Swampfire, he can fight and destroy the enemies before they harm anyone. Can you give him a hand?

Your job is to help Ben 10 transform and fight the waves of powerful aliens that try to destroy the planet. You'll need to gather your strength, display courage, and fend off all the enemy attacks. Only then you'll be able to claim victory and become the ultimate hero!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to fight the waves of dangerous aliens. The mechanics are not too complicated, but you'll constantly need to switch between Ben's alien forms and adapt to the situation. These are your controls:

 - Arrow keys: Move around the arena.

 - 1/2/3: Switch between Humongosaur, Big Chill, and Swampfire.

 - Spacebar: Activate Ultimate form.

 - X: Basic Attack.

 - Z: Power/Special Attack.

You'll also notice three bars at the top left corner of your screen. Each displays a stat that is crucial during the battle:

 - Health bar: Tracks how much health you have left after getting hit. You can replenish it by picking up the white and red cross orbs.

 - Ultimate Form bar: Fills up as you hit and eliminate enemies. Once filled, Ben can transform into an upgraded version of his alien heroes.

 - Power Attack bar: Fills up when you collect the yellow orbs. You can use it to activate an impressive move when overwhelmed by enemies.

What else you should know

Each wave of enemies will be bigger and stronger than the previous one, so try your best to survive them all. Your best bet is to figure out which alien form fits your combat style and show your enemies how strong you are.

You can choose an arena and keep track of your enemies by checking the minimap in the lower corner of your screen. That means none of them will get away from your powerful attacks.

Now it's time to join the action. Are you ready to help Ben 10 eliminate the alien threat and save the planet? A new hero is ready to emerge!