Zombozo's Big Score

Help Ben 10 fight off RobotClowns in the Zombozo's Big Score game! Find the Omnitrix, buy power-ups, and destroy Zombozo before he robs the Brain Bank!

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About Zombozo's Big Score Game

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The notorious evil clown mastermind is back in town in the Zombozo's Big Score Game. He has taken over the National Brain Bank and is planning to steal all the intellectual property in the USA. Think about all that valuable, top-secret information, falling in the malicious hands of Herbert Zombozini. Ben 10 is on his way to try and stop him, but he fears he might be outnumbered this time.

You are the only one that can stop things from takin a turn for the worse! Help Ben ditch off all of the RoboClowns minions, avoid traps, and collect coins on the way. Once you find the Omnitrix, hidden somewhere in the town's suburbs, you can transform into an alien and tackle down Zombozo. What do you say, do you think you've got what it takes for this daunting challenge?

How to Play!

At the beginning of each round, you will be shown a couple of new missions you should accomplish. For instance, you may need to collect 10 power-ups or destroy5 RobotClowns in one run.

But before proceeding any further, let's see how to move Ben around, shall we? While our main character is running through the town streets, use the X key to jump on different levels or avoid obstacles. When jumping, try to watch out for hoovering RobotClowns, scary jumping puppets, or exploding pies.

At the same time, you should do your best to collect as many coins as possible. With these coins, you can buy upgrades at the beginning of each round.

You can see how many meters you've run at the bottom of the page, and the Score and Health bar at the top. Note that you start off with a low Health bar, and only buying a Health power-up can fill it up. You can even increase how often the Omnitrix appears with upgrades, so make sure to check them up!

What else you should know

So you ran long enough into the gameplay and found the Omnitrix, huh? Good, now we can begin the serious tasks: destroying Zombozo and his minions. Once you grab the watch, its display will transform into a spinning wheel. It's really a game of chance and of how well you can play your cards!

Press the Z key to stop the Omnitrix at a random creature and transform yourself. Once you do that, you can launch attacks on the traps or robots that you encounter, collect bonus points, or complete specific missions.

Go ahead and see how far you can dive into the gameplay. And don't forget the primary goal of the mission: bringing Zombozo down!