Krakken Attack

The Krakken has emerged from the depths of the lake in the Krakken Attack game! Help Ben 10 fire at him to drain his energy, and send him back to the ocean!

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About Krakken Attack Game

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The notorious sea monster has risen from the depths of the lake to wreak havoc in the Krakken Attack game! Ben 10 and his team were on their way to investigate the matter. Upon arrival, they found the local park deserted, all vegetation was on fire and in the middle of the lake was no other than the Krakken, full of rage and mighty fury.

Help Ben to send it back to where it came from! You’ll have to use the Omnitrix’s alien superpowers and attack the monster with all that you’ve got. He won’t go down without a fight, that is certain! If you succeed, the town’s citizens will be forever grateful for giving them their normal lives back!

How to Play

You can fire at the Krakken and send him back to the depths of the ocean by pressing the Spacebar. You’ll need to keep shooting until you’ve drained him out of energy if you want to win the round. For maximum damage, you should aim for the chest. Also, keep an eye on the clock and hurry up as well! You must finish the battle before the time runs up.

Furthermore, you should watch out for the Krakken’s fire, especially the deadly Blue Plasma Burst. Otherwise, you will suffer severe damage. Since you’re running in circles around the lake, you can use the Up arrow key to change the direction of moving. You can use the moments when the Krakken doesn’t shoot to change directions or when you encounter a Blue Plasma orb.

The levels will get harder and harder as the gameplay progresses. You can see your Health bar, as well as the Krakken’s, at the bottom of the page. This is a game of logic and cunning. Let’s see if you can handle it!