Forever Defense

Help Ben 10 defeat the evil Forever Knights in the Forever Defense game! Switch between Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and fight off the waves of enemies!

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Ben 10 and his friends must defeat the evil Forever Knights in the Forever Defense game! As the enemies invade Earth, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin unite to fight back and protect their home planet. However, the Forever Knights are armed with many tricks and firepower, and their armor defends them from most attacks. Will you help the three friends in their quest?

Your job in this game is to switch between the three young heroes and defeat the waves of Forever Knights as they try to destroy everything! This adventure is about timing and quick reflexes, as you'll have to constantly change your approach during the attack!

How to Play

Depending on the type of enemies you'll encounter, you need to use a specific hero. To cycle through your heroes, you can just use the Spacebar. At the same time, you can use a dedicated key for each hero:

 - Z: Switch to Ben.

 - X: Switch to Gwen.

 - C: Switch to Kevin.

The three heroes have different abilities which help you block all the Knights' attacks. For instance, Ben will transform into the Swampfire to defeat most of the Knights. At the same time, Kevin can deal with the armored ones as he absorbs their energy. Lastly, Gwen's shield will protect the gang from getting hit whenever a Knight shoots a laser blast.

There are also some specific controls for each hero. Here's how to use them:

 - Ben: Use the Mouse to aim and shoot. Hold Click to charge shots.

 - Kevin: Hold the Left-Click and shake the mouse to absorb the enemies' energy faster.

 - Gwen: Shake the mouse quickly to create a stunning shock wave and push back the enemies.

Lastly, there are also some power-ups you can use to make your job a bit easier. The pink circle will activate a temporary force field to protect the three heroes for a limited time. The green Omnitrix circle will replenish the energy drained every time the team receives damage.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you be able to defeat the Forever Knights and restore order? Only a true hero can be victorious!