World Rescue

Gwen and Max have been captured in the World Rescue game! Help Ben 10 save them from their prison cell and stop the alien invasion before it’s too late!

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About World Rescue Game

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Planet Earth is again in danger in the World Rescue game, and Ben 10 is the only one powerful enough to save it! While in the middle of a video game fight, Ben received an alarming message: a picture of Gwen and Grandpa Max, held captive in a dark, swampy prison cell. Someone somehow has managed to capture the Tennysons without Ben even noticing! And now he's threatening to take over the world!

Your job is to prevent that and bring this villain to justice. A mighty, daunting challenge awaits you, for Gwen and Grandpa Max can be anywhere! You might have to search every corner across the seven continents before you reach them. Do you think you've got what it takes for this quest?

The game features two missions, each split across different big cities: Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Yucatan, and London. You will have to complete each episode in Mission 1 with a specific alien. Once you successfully manage to do that, a similar chapter in Mission 2 will unlock.

How to Play

It's time to explore the surroundings and find out who took Ben's beloved family. To begin with, you can choose any of the five different locations as the starting point. Depending on what you select, you'll play as Four Arms, XLR8, Stinkfly, Slapback, or Cannonbolt. However, no matter your choice, the controls are always the same:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move left/right.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Z: Attack.

 - X: Special Attack.

While exploring each area, you will have to fight off armed guards, escape deadly mazes, and overcome various traps and obstacles. You'll soon notice that some foes are harder to take down, and you might need to use your alien Super Power for those.

At the same time, always keep an eye on the Health and Stamina bars at the top of the screen. For instance, using the Special Attack will drain your Stamina, while getting hit by enemies will deplete your health meter. Luckily, you can always refill them by collecting the blue and green power-ups on the go.

Now that you know the basics, there is no time to lose! We need to find out who this otherworldly invader is and get the Tennysons back home safely before it's too late!