Ultimatrix Unleashed

Join Ben 10 in the Ultimatrix Unleashed game! Can you believe that NASA needs the help of this teenage hero for an ultra-secret mission involving aliens?

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With the Ultimatrix Unleashed game, you get the chance to become the protagonist of an incredibly exciting and challenging mission. Any fan of Ben 10, the brave teenage superhero, will undoubtedly love this game! This young man's unique abilities make him a valuable ally in the fight against evil. Even big government organizations ask for his help when they get in a sticky situation! 

You must have heard about NASA, an agency dedicated to aerospace research and aeronautics. Did you know that they have been working on an extremely advanced spaceship? It's called Orion, and it boasts an impressive speed. What is more, it is powered using nuclear energy, and it took 50 years to develop and build. This process is still ongoing! 

However, something terrifying has happened! A strange creature has been sneaking inside the facility and sabotaging the entire operation. Who has been stealing vital pieces of equipment? It's your job to help Ben 10 find him and stop him!

Learn how to control Ben's awesome powers! 

This exciting game allows you to join Ben and his cousin, Gwen Tennyson. The two have been a fantastic team for a long time! Also, they are joined by Kevin Levin, a teenage alien who has transformed from archenemy to valuable ally.

Your mission will take you through thrilling levels of increasing difficulty. Can you defeat all the enemies to unlock the next area? It's the only way to reach the end of each stage! 

Time to get started! Thankfully, the controls are straightforward and resemble other beloved adventure games. Therefore, you'll be hopping around and beating up enemies in no time!

Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to move your character in the field. To kick, punch, or create combos, just push the Z key. The X button allows you to jump over projectiles, but it can also be used to perform powerful aerial attacks.

Are you stuck? Use the C key to switch between Ben's different alien forms. You will find that each one has specific abilities and weaknesses. It's up to you to make the right decision and manage Ben's transformations to fit the environment! 

Still in a frustrating situation? Don't forget about your special attacks! Press the Space Bar to unleash a devastating attack, or even turn into your alien's ultimate form. However, you should keep in mind that these abilities are only available when your attack bar is full. 

Just a few tricks can turn you into a real hero! 

Do you find it hard to advance through the levels? Don't worry, by following a few tips, you will be a pro in no time! To begin with, you should keep an eye on the stats at the top left part of the screen. They are vital for the status of your hero!

While you're here, pay close attention to the attack bar. When it's full, you can perform an incredibly powerful attack by using the ultimate form of your alien. However, a partially empty bar will yield a weaker assault. 

But how do you fill-up the attack bar? By making combos, of course! Try to perform as many linked attacks in a row to increase your score and deal significant damage to the enemy! Pretty cool, right? 

Another helpful tip is to collect as many extras as you can! They can replenish your health, attack power, or the number of lives. But where can you find them?  Just smash all the boxes you can find to make sure you don't miss out on anything!

One more vital aspect to keep in mind is that all the different alien forms have certain advantages and disadvantages. You will start as Spidermonkey, a speedy, agile creature. Make sure you take advantage of his strong aerial kicks! Using this combo as much as you can is the key to success. However, each alien has a different set of abilities, so make sure you adapt quickly!

Are you ready to jump into this adventure? You have the unique chance to play the role of Ben Tennyson and master the powers of awesome aliens. Stop hesitating and join the fun!