Blockade Blitz

Play the Blockade Blitz game to join Ben 10 on a thrilling encounter with Vilgax! Destroy all the blocks to recover the pieces of the Omnitrix and escape!

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Don't miss the Blockade Blitz game if you are a Ben 10 fan with a taste for adventure! This time, our favorite teenage hero is in big trouble. Vilgax, the infamous alien villain, has captured him. Can you believe he keeps him in a cell on his ship? Fortunately, Ben 10 has managed to escape. However, he needs your help to recover all the pieces of the Omnitrix! Find your way out of Vilgax's ship!

This adventure includes completing multiple levels. Can you finish all of them? Each one takes place in a different location in Vilgax's lair. Destroy all the bricks and defeat his drones!

We suggest you pick the Story Mode first. You'll start in the cell block, then work your way to the engine room. By the end of this thrilling mission, you'll end up battling with Ben's archenemy himself! You can also pick the Free Play Mode to practice in an endless battle. 

How to Play

Let's head out on our mission with a single right-click! It will launch the ball and start the level. Now, all that's left to do is move your cursor left and right, trying to catch the ball. If you let it slip past you, you'll lose one of your precious lives. Yikes!

The goal of the game is to clear out the entire level using your ball. If you have good aim and understand how the ball bounces, you'll nail this game.

You have to be on the lookout for enemies! In the beginning, you'll have to face Vilgax's drones, so make sure you take them out without getting shot! Once you manage to defeat them, you'll receive a Barrier Bonus, which will make it impossible to lose your ball. How awesome!

When it comes to bonuses, there are plenty you can use to enhance Ben's power. For instance, you can pick up the Multiball to get three or even five balls at once. You can deal much more damage now! There is also a Ben Shield extra, which will allow our hero to catch the ball and launch it with more ease. It will help you clear out the board much faster!

What else you should know

Have you met the aliens from the Omnitrix yet? Smash up the green bricks to receive an alien power-up and experience their power first-hand! The good news is that there are six aliens that you can try. XLR8, Cannonball, and Ripjaws are extremely powerful. However, Stinkfly, Heatblast, and Wildvine can also fire projectiles. Click the mouse button to try out this awesome ability!

Can you collect all the pieces of the Omnitrix? Ben's alien watch allows him to channel his powers. Therefore, finding all the fragments is essential. Once you do so, you can press Z to unleash a powerful attack. How cool!

Embark on this journey with Ben 10 and see how far you can go! You'll improve your reflexes while having a blast, accompanied by the teenage protagonist and his alien friends. The more you play, the better you'll become! You can even earn badges for in-game achievements. Therefore, stop hesitating and start playing!